Helen Moses


My Story

From an early age, I didn’t feel comfortable being me. I was an authority-pleaser who worried about saying the wrong thing and avoided speaking-up out of fear of rejection. Through acting and singing and my innate performing ability I was able to hide, yet still draw the praise I craved from others. After earning my bachelor’s degree in vocal performance, I was drawn to the field of speech-language pathology, where I could help others who like me, couldn’t express themselves the way they wanted to. Witnessing their pain, I imagined what my life would be like if I, or someone I loved, lost the power to communicate. I vowed then and there to never take my voice for granted!


Ten years of life later, however, I found myself like many women in America, feeling I had lost my voice. This sense of powerlessness was not due to a brain injury or physical impairment. Instead, I had focused so much on being a full-time mom, wife, and community volunteer that the “professional me” was missing, and with it went my self-worth. Ironically for this licensed speech therapist, accomplished singer, outspoken leader, and new business owner with a black belt in Taekwondo, I became more comfortable in suppressing my voice rather than speaking up. I didn’t realize I was doing exactly what I vowed I would never do…take my voice for granted.


Tired of not being seen, heard, and valued for my gifts and skills, I launched my own voice coaching business in 2013. Because I wasn’t speaking in a way that allowed my light to shine, however, I was successful only in growing my business debt – not my business. It wasn’t until I began to apply my own advice – and deliberately use the skills I teach others so they can be successful – that I began getting the results I really wanted. I now speak confidently and comfortably from my heart, no longer afraid of rejection. As a result, I enjoy stronger personal and professional relationships, more income, better health, and bigger dreams.


If you feel like you have lost your voice, or are not connecting when you speak, I am here for you! Amazing opportunities are ready to find you when you speak confidently and with authenticity. Join me on my mission to help you unleash your voice, (re)claim your power, and reach your dreams. Each of us has a unique voice and message, and now is the time to share them with the world!


With love,



Helen Moses, Your Voice and Messaging Coach, founded Command Communication, PLLC in 2013. Her clients benefit from her 30 years of extensive training and experience as a singer, speech-language pathologist, Distinguished Toastmaster, and state leader with Toastmasters International. Helen holds a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from Rhodes College and a master’s degree in speech-language pathology from East Carolina University. She directed a children’s choir for 12 years and has been a choir member and featured soloist for over 35 years. She is an accomplished public speaker and facilitator, and has been the speaker coach for TEDx Raleigh since 2017.

A sought-out speaker and coach who has spoken to Fortune 1000 companies, Helen helps her audiences and clients change their lives through speaking-up and speaking to connect – every time they talk – whether on stages, in the board room, on the phone, in video, or in difficult conversations.

Helen’s mission is to help her clients use their voices to their fullest potential through a coaching experience that is customized, safe, high-energy, results-oriented, and fun! She is known as the go-to expert to help you increase your impact by Making Your Voice Mean Business!™

Helping others achieve success through excellent communication is what Helen believes is her life’s calling.