Helen Moses

One Simple Tip for Speaking with Authority

Sometimes when we are talking we get stuck in our heads instead of being present in the conversation. We analyze if we should provide additional or background information. We wonder if maybe a different example or word choice would be better. We worry about what our audience thinks of us.

Let’s Talk about Talking on the Phone

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners share a mobile phone number for personal and business calls. This often makes good sense financially, and prevents one from having to carry around two phones. As a result, however, some business owners frequently answer their phone in a very casual manner, like they would respond if a good buddy called. I’ve heard “yeah”, “hey”, “what’s up”, and “hello” spoken with a very laid-back tone, which gives me the impression that they don’t value me or my time. Being greeted so casually throws me off a bit, as I expect a more formal greeting when I call a business. Sometimes I wonder if I called the correct number, and I am often tempted to hang up. At minimum I find myself having to ask, “Is this Business XYZ?”

Delivering a Memorable Elevator Pitch

Let’s face it. How many pitches given by other people do you actually remember after hearing them for the first time? Do you even remember your pitch from one event to the next?

I find it hard to pay attention to the other people giving pitches in the room when my nerves are building in anticipation of giving mine. It therefore takes a pitch with personality to capture my attention and get me out of my head as I await my turn. Can you relate?

Crafting an Effective 30-Second Elevator Pitch

You sit in the room at this networking event that you hope will bring you more business. One by one people take turns introducing themselves and giving their elevator pitches. You can hardly pay attention to what they say, because as it gets closer to your turn, you start to sweat, butterflies get all in a flurry in your gut, your mouth gets dry, and all you can think about is not screwing up or coming across as a fool. Right before you open your mouth to introduce yourself you stand up and silently pray that your voice doesn’t shake and you don’t stumble through your words. “Please, God, help me get through this.”