Helen Moses


“Helen did a great job facilitating her communication workshop. She was able to create an atmosphere of learning and positive reinforcement. Thanks, Helen!!”  – Ken Wood, ROAR Marketing Concepts, LLC – Raleigh NC


“Helen is the consummate professional who really knows her craft and has a gift for SHOWING people how to use their voice for maximum impact. If you are a person who is afraid of public speaking, Helen will put you at ease instantly!”  – Deb Oronzio, Owner/Coach, Self-Empowering Coaching


“Thank you so much. This workshop has helped me tremendously in boosting my confidence and improving my communication skills”  – J. J., Raleigh NC


“Helen brings out your passion, if you get the chance to work with her. I strongly suggest you take her up on the offer! Learn how to speak your truth and better connect with your audiences.”  – Pete Fernald, Sales VP/Atlantic Database LLC


“I knew I needed to work on my anxiety and speaking skills, but I grew so terrified of the idea of having to speak in front of a group that I almost forfeited my money and cancelled at the last minute. I am SO happy I fought my fear and attended Helen’s workshop… It was amazing!!! Not only did she break down and explain the many components of receptive speaking, but she taught us how to incorporate these skills and dimensions, immediately. She also set up a safe playing field for our group to work together and for the betterment of each other. I left the workshop a much stronger and confident speaker. While I understand this is a process I must continue to work, because of Helen and her fantastic worksop, I also know I now have the tools I need to keep honing and improving my speech. Anyone who has anything at all to relate to the public or their peers can benefit from this workshop!”  – Lisa Veronica Wood, Co-Owner/Designer at Moss Robot – Raleigh NC


“ Think your voice mail message doesn’t mean anything? WRONG! I had no idea how much a simple message can affect what people think of me. Helen listened to my message and gave so much feedback I had to take notes. It was a valuable lesson in a first impression by phone. Taking advantage of this service doesn’t take much time but makes a giant difference.” – Marcey Rader, Lifestyle Trainer, Health and Productivity Consultant, and #1 Amazon Bestselling author of Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior’s Survival Guide!


“I reached out to Helen to improve my public speaking skills and to become more comfortable presenting in front of large and small groups. With Helen’s guidance, I feel I accomplished both goals. Helen is an extremely professional, knowledgeable and patient coach. She insured that I met my goals by giving me innovative, realistic tips that I could practice at home. I would highly recommend Helen. She is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself!”  – Lisa L, Greensboro NC


“I am grateful to Helen for her help over the last few months with my speaking skills. She took the time to listen to the goals I wanted to accomplish and to understand my motivation and desire to succeed. During our coaching sessions she was able to find my strengths and boost them, while gently but effectively helping me to overcome some of my weaknesses. Her use of the video camera in our sessions was an excellent way for me to visualize the changes she was suggesting and put them into action.As a result of her coaching and mentorship, I was able to give several impactful speeches in this year’s annual sales conference with my clients. The feedback from each audience was very positive and made the investment all worthwhile. I could not have done it without her.”  – Dave F, Raleigh NC


 “I have had the great fortune to get to know and eventually work with Helen on multiple occasions.  Helen is extremely passionate about interpersonal and public communication in all forms and she extends great enthusiasm to every client she works with. At the beginning of 2015, I got a new career opportunity and was so honored to be able to have Helen as my negotiation coach. The confidence and strategy we developed together got me not only my dream job, but also a promotion that crossed several levels and a raise with a 62% increase of my then salary! In the span of two weeks, Helen immersed herself in the development of my compensation negotiation. She coached me, rehearsed with me, and bounced ideas off with me. What’s outstanding about her coaching style is she listened carefully, then developed a communication plan that fit perfectly for my situation.  At many critical moments, she provided not only insights, but also instructional verbiage to apply in  my negotiation communication. In other words, her coaching provides Why you should communicate this way, How to carry it out, and What to say at critical moments. My results prove Helen’s capabilities, dedication and enthusiasm.  I highly recommend Helen as a negotiation or communication coach to anyone.” – Catherine B, Raleigh NC


“I met Helen at Toastmasters. Helen was speaking that night and she gave a very impressive and humorous speech about her honeymoon in Hawaii. I still remember the story as she made it so vivid for us. I could imagine it so well in my head. I believed she was a pro and had been coming to Toastmasters for ages. As it turned out, Helen had only joined a couple months before me. I sought Helen out to be my mentor and she readily agreed. In fact, before my first speech Helen met me for lunch close to my work place to give me pointers on how to make my speech better. She made me realize how close my “V” and “W” were and how I was mixing up the two sounds. (She tells me this confusion is common among native Hindi speakers.) Then she taught me easy ways to remember the differences between them. It has been months since that conversation but I still use the method she taught me. Helen has been an immense source of pointers and tips on how to be a better and improved speaker. I have learned a lot from just observing her since she is a tremendous speaker and it’s a joy to listen to her speeches. She gave me pointers about how to vary my intonation in a speech, how to give effective pauses, how to make eye contact and especially how to pronounce certain letters and words correctly.Apart from all the tips, she has also become a good friend. I am really glad to have met her both professionally and personally.” – Anubha K, Raleigh NC


“I came from Bulgaria to the USA over 16 years ago and knew English already. Before starting the accent modification program with Helen Moses I was aware of my accent but didn’t understand what was the difference between my speech and the mainstream American pronunciation. I felt that my English was sufficient but often times I had people ask me to repeat what I said and that could sometimes be frustrating for both ends. I would always avoid speaking in front of a bigger group of people because I was afraid to embarrass myself. Helen was able to identify specific areas of my English pronunciation that needed improvement and created a customized program that was tailored for my needs.We were both dedicated and as a result my communication skills have improved significantly and with it my level of confidence.It is easier to talk to people and carry on a longer conversation now. I feel that it is important to be able to express yourself with the right words in your daily life or at work. I know exactly what sounds I need to be careful with and how to produce the correct sound. I have people complimenting me for my improvement and that includes my children who have also noticed the difference. I am very glad to have gone through the accent modification program with Helen. She is amazing to work with. She is very dedicated, patient and experienced, her plan was well targeted, and our interaction was pleasant and fruitful. Helen has high expectations and I feel that as a result I have a very high level of improvement.Thank you, Helen Moses for working with me and giving me a chance to improve in an area so important for a person’s life. To be a better communicator is truly important.”  – Assia I, Cary NC